Athos, the third foot-peninsula of Chalkidiki, a kingdom of spirituality and tranquility.

Traveling to Athos gives you the chance to immerse into an atmosphere of serenity, to get in touch with your inner self and feel the vibes of the divine mystique. There are no noisy discos, fancy clubs or any kind of night life. Instead you can find unlimited peacefulness, the tremendous natural beauty and the special magic surrounding this sacred land, that has been worshipped for centuries.

The greatest part of the territory in the peninsula belongs to the Autonomous State of the Holy Mountain . According to the legend, the ship of Holy Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, was traveling to Cyprus to visit Lazarus; when their ship was caught into a storm they had to anchor to the edge of Mount Athos.

After having blessed this land, the Mother of God marked it as a place of terrestrial heaven, and thus became the Patroness of the peninsula and its inhabitants. As a matter of principle, no other lady except from Holy Mary, would be ever allowed to set foot in her own sacred garden. From century to century this rule was implicitly turned into a tradition, and even today the Athos State law forbids entry to women (as well to non-cleric ,though long-haired men). According to the law, any female invader should be sentenced to a 2 to 12 months of imprisonment. Therefore the ladies can only admire the beauty if Athos peninsula from the deck of a ship, as far as 500 meters from the coast.

As a result of this ban, pilgrimage tours on Athos are only possible for gentlemen, still you can’t just get there whenever you wish: to visit the Monastic Sate, it is necessary to obtain a “diamoneterion” — a special permission to visit of the territory and the Monasteries of Athos — that needs to be issued quite some time in advance.

We offer you the optimum four-day package.

1st day - Departure from Athens at 10.30 am, arrival in Uranupolis at 17.30. Hotel check-in, free afternoon.

2nd day - Departure from hotel at 8.00 am and collect the “diamoneteria” from the issuing office. The ship leaves at 09.45 a.m. Arrival to Dafne port and transfer to St. Panteleimon's Monastery. Further activities according to the program of the monastery.

3rd day – Wake up at 05.00 am and act according to the program of the monastery. At 10.00 visit to the Monastery of St. Dokhiar and at 18.00 return at St. Panteleimon's monastery. The rest of the afternoon according to the program of the monastery.

4thday – Return to Uranupolis at 12.30. Departure to Athens at 14.15 (approximate arrival at 22.30)

You should necessarily register to our agency the following details, at least one week before your visit:

Name, Surname, Middle name, Religion, Nationality, Passport number.

Package cost for 2 people group: 750 euros per person

Package cost for 3 people group: 570 euros per person

Package cost for 4 people group: 530 euros per person

Package cost for 5 people group: 450 euros per person

Package cost for 6 people group: 400 euros per person

Our company is also able to provide a tailor-made visit of Mount Athos, especially for you.

Please call us to the following numbers for your arrangements:

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