Fishing in the Greek sea ... What an exciting, amusing and unforgettable experience, the opportunity to admire the sea, let alone the chance to get a trophy out from it.

Fishing in Greece: they always take the bait!

Fishing is a fascinating type of holiday, that combines contact with nature, sport passion and the ability to share experiences in the company of good friends. Fishing tourism is becoming more popular these days, as one gets the chance to take a break from the intense daily routine, to get away from the noisy civilization, to experience his uniqueness into the arms of nature.

Fishing - not just a trend, a stir of adventure among men, but also a good way to act as team player, a great psychological urge in human nature. During your open sea journey into in Greece, where even by simply tossing the line and throwing the hook you could catch some huge and rare fish, you can share the action and the subsequent feast - a guarantee of a substantial bonding between the members of the team.

The coastal residents of Greece have been foraging into the sea from time immemorial. Today the old fishing villages are hidden in small bays, surrounded by cliffs. The Mediterranean enjoys a huge variety of large and small fish species, as well as numerous "marine reptiles": squid, shrimp, cuttlefish, octopus, lobster, clams...

Fish in many ways: from the shore, with boats and underwater. Fishing from a boat might be your best chance to catch a memorable trophy.

Sea fishing methods from a boat:
The most common way – deep sea jigging.

Fishing from a moving boat that allows the angler to cover a vast area, and the bait seems to move naturally. The boat’s speed, as well as the weight of the load can be adjusted in such a way, as to move the bait to the desired depth. This is the most common method to catch swordfish, wahoo, sailfish and tuna.

Spin Fishing
During marine spin fishing you should use a power bait. This method works like this: you need to guess where the fish is and throw the artificial bait towards it. Then the bait should be left to descend to the desired depth, until you begin to wind it backwards , allowing this in-built action of the bait to attract the fish to bite it.

Drift fishing
The fishing is done from the boat which is widely known as drifter. Motor boats can be used instead, but in low speed, only enough to move forward. The most important parameter while drifting is the speed of the boat relative to the tide. If the wind and the tide are moving in the same direction, the boat will drift fast too. In this case the speed of the boat can be slowed down by a drogue.

Bottom fishing
Conducted when the boat lies at anchor in a fairly shallow spot. During bottom fishing the bait is lowered down to the seabed and held there by suitable sinkers. This method helps catching the big fish eating at the sea bottom (e.g. halibut).

Sunny Smile Travel Agency offers you the choice among a whole range of well-designed fishing packages, sea or lake, and many more. You can choose any program, you’ll never know for sure without a catch!

Here is a more detailed program of the tour:
-Meet & assist at the airport
-Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back
-Accommodation in 4 or 5*hotel (including breakfast)
-Excursions In the center of Athens (visit the new Acropolis museum, Plaka and the tourist shopping area)
-Transfer to the fishing venue and back
-3 Days sea fishing (8-10 hours)
-Lunch during fishing (drinks, pizza, snacks)
- Dinner at a gourmet restaurant, where a special chef is going to cook your catch with the best traditions of the Greek Mediterranean cuisine

Services for the organization of the tour:

-Preparation of necessary documents (invitations, visas, insurance)
-Airline reservation & ticketing

-Accommodation and transfer arrangements
-Selection of boats, fishing gear and baits
-Preparation of all necessary documents (licenses, documents for fishing)
-Fishing equipment maintenance during the fishing tour
-Accompanying guide and interpreter during the whole tour


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